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четверг, 18 апреля 2019 г.

Graphic 45 2019 Brand Ambassador Audition

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, lived a little (or maybe not, who knows?) girl. And her name was Natasha. She loved to cut. She cut leaves for trees in spring, and wings for butterflies in summer. In winter she cut snowflakes, and in autumn — silhouettes of cranes, what flying away to the south. When she started working, all of forest animals came to look at her ...

Okay, this is just a fairy tale, but something here is a true. And this is true — about me. My name is Natasha and yes, I love to cut, since the holes in my mom's curtains. But I don't live in kingdom far, far away. Although some of you may seem that way, because I live in Ukraine :) And I just adore G45! This is the reason why I want to get into the most fabulous scrap team!
(and yes, the one not-so-forest animal comes to see how I cut 😁)

And this fairy tale was born from my love for butterflies and fairies.

Some details for photolovers :) The tutorial at the end of the post ;)

Fairy lives in a cozy oak stump:

Butterflies lives here too :)

And the stump has a secret!

What is this??!

Oh, it's a fairy tale book!

In this book, a fairy tale, which we wrote with my daughter, about the fairy of course :)

Hmm, this fairy is looks like my daughter Nastya :))))

But with wings :)

What is this story about?

Hello! My name is Nasturtium, the fairy. I love flowers, so take care of them in our Enchanted Forest.

What's next?

Mom taught me the Song of Life. And when I sing for flowers, they bloom and swaying to the beat with the words: "Everything lives, everything blooms!"

And when...

And in the evenings, when all the songs are sung, I like to drink chamomile tea and watch  the fireflies light up in the sky. Then I go to sleep to gain strength for the new songs!

And tutorial (no magic, sorry.... :)

Pssssst, all my G45 projects you can find here ;)
And a tutorials is here :)

Good luck to me and all scrapfairies!

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Вестник чипофила. Сентябрь
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